Nepali Student Shreya Paudel On Guardian’s Inspiring Students List!!

Shreya Paudel
Shreya Paudel

Huge congratulations to University of Middlesex student Shreya Paudel for making it on The Guardian newspapers INSPIRING STUDENTS: Our Hopes for 2014! Apart from being involved in the National Union of Students in the UK – Shreya has also been involved in countless campaigns and effectively used his role as a student to highlight the experiences of international students in the UK.

Very wonderful of the newspaper to recognize the students and wishing Shreya a great year ahead!

“Shreya Paudel is a Nepalese student at Middlesex University, who this year wrote for Guardian Students about the issues faced by international students from poor backgrounds. He is a committee member of the international student campaign at the National Union of Students.

International students are being sent mixed messages about whether we are welcome or not. On one hand, there is a huge liberal population who welcome migrants and especially international students, who contribute £8bn pounds in tuition fees every year to the British economy. But then plans to cut immigration numbers will affect us all and our right to remain in the country.

Many international students, especially from developing countries, come to the UK with a polished, heavenly image of Britain. They need to be informed that its wealth doesn’t reach everyone in society. For many immigrants and international students, the story is very different and life can be really hard.

Job opportunities are low and often paid only at minimum wage. I wish the information of the reality of life in Britain for international students – which reaches to the corners of Nepal, Ghana and Romania – would be more honest in 2014.

International students need more tailored support in their universities, colleges and society in general in UK. If we have to pay for NHS services because of cuts, on top of thousands of pounds in tuition fees and without sufficient advice at university, it will make life hard for us. I hope that this kind of support will increase rather than decrease in 2014.” – Inspiring Students – Original Page

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