Arpan Thapa Covers LIVING Magazine!

Arpan Thapa, LIVING Mag (Jan 2014)
Arpan Thapa, LIVING Mag (Jan 2014)

Here’s Arpan Thapa on the cover of the newest LIVING magazine!! The versatile actor is seen donning a classic Ray-Ban wayfarers and looking pretty dapper. The text also suggests that Thapa used to sell CD’s before his time as an actor. Sounds fascinating!

Thapa is currently busy with MUKHAUTA, a film that is currently being filmed in Kathmandu and written, acted and directed by the actor. Joining Arpan on the big screen will be the superstar Rajesh Hamal, Saugat Malla, Dayahang Rai, Sunil Thapa, Nisha Adhikari, Robin Tamang, Prasant Tamrakar, Swastika Rajbhandari and Harshika Shrestha. Mukhauta is the first project for Reef Entertainment Pvt Ltd.

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  1. I thought he’s an actor of Hollywood movies… damn fuck he’s a Nepali cinema’s hero.. fuck who cares no one loved to watch that shit only that poor illiterate ppl of Nepal would probably do.. fuck off asshole and your shit country.

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