Heart of Asia by LAXCHA BANTAWA

So I have this amazingly talented cousin called Laxcha Bantawa (many of you may be aware of her work already) who is currently studying film in the UK and last year she got the opportunity to study abroad in Hong Kong. During her stay in the capital of the East, she also made it a point to visit several countries including China, Thailand, Cambodia, South Korea and Japan. The 5-minute long video shows you a glimpse of what she saw, what she experienced and what she became part of. It’s got a very real documentary vibe and will definitely make you want to go out there and explore Asia! How buzzing does Osaka look?? All that colour, culture and tech!

And the Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom of Cambodia looks out of the world beautiful! Ahh amazing work Laxcha – you’ve done it again.

Heart of Asia by Laxcha Bantawa
Heart of Asia by Laxcha Bantawa

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