MAYA Music Video by Anisha & Nitesh ft Urban Inc

So I have been listening to this song called Maya by Anisha & Nitesh featuring Urban Inc for sometime now. The duo and Urban Inc hail from the hills of Sikkim and judging by the sound of Maya, they are also pretty good in creating easy listening music as well. I only discovered few days ago that a music video also exists for Maya. The video is simple and flows well with the mellow track. It has been directed by Biren Lama.

The chorus and the easy listening vibe that Maya gives off has made this song my recent favourite. I love how the video also does not try too hard. Works for me. What about you guys, likey or no likey??

Anisha & Nitesh.
Anisha & Nitesh.

The Faces of Maya M/V
The Faces of Maya M/V

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