Reading The Art of Happiness & The Gurkha’s Daughter

The Gurkha's Daughter & The Art of Happiness
The Gurkha’s Daughter & The Art of Happiness

Hi Folks!

So we are one month into 2014 and I’ve already read two books (a great start for me). First off, I received The Art of Happiness through post and I was instantly excited to read it. The book has been written by Howard C. Cutler with assistance and lessons from His Holiness Dalai Lama. It refers to itself as “A Handbook for Living” and it definitely is. I enjoyed the read and I always appreciate reading similar books about the mind, body and spirituality once in a while to get my priorities right and to stay on the path. If you guys have similar interests then go for it and if you have never read such books then this might be a good one to check out.

Secondly, The Gurkha’s Daughter by Prajwal Parajuly has been a popular book on Having bought the book a long time back I never read it because I thought “ahh I’ll read it when I’m travelling somewhere in South East Asia, I’ll have plenty of time” but that never really happened as I was in the company of people and just trying to make the most of my time out there. I read the book and finished it in few days (a new record for me) and thought it was okay… It’s a collection of short stories that are nice, real and I am sure some readers will dig The Gurkha’s Daughter way more than me. I don’t really read short stories or novels that much… I tend to stick religiously to reading autobiographies, books about real-life events (ie. Royal Family massacre) and spirituality.

That’s that – not forcing you guys to go out and get it/read it but just sharing my few honest thoughts.

Ciao! #HappyFebruary

PS. I am attending the book launch of Prajwal Parajuly’s second book – Land Where I Flee in London next week. Should be exciting (never been to a book launch) haha.

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