A Penny 4 Nepal At Reading Half Marathon 2014

Shree Bhumeshwor High School
Shree Bhumeshwor High School

Shree Dipendra School
Shree Dipendra School

It’s always wonderful to hear about or come across different individuals directly or indirectly helping their present community or the community that they left behind. A Penny 4 Nepal is an organisation established with a vision of providing unconditional help to the children that require it. The small charity was set up in July of 2009 by a group of Nepali youths residing in the UK. Health and education are the two key areas that the charity has focused its efforts on. They have supported several schools and organisations in Nepal including Baudhik Disable Society Lubhu (Lalitpur), Shree Bhumeshwor High School (Kaski), Shree Dipendra High School (Kailali), Shree Melghati Lower Secondary School (Janakpur), Janata Secondary School (Arun Khola) and more. In total, A Penny 4 Nepal has completed twelve missions already and their efforts have resulted in schools making use of brand new equipments, stationery items, school furnitures, musical instruments and more.

The upcoming Reading Half Marathon on the 2nd of March will see Jagannath Sapkota and Dinesh Akul running to raise funds for the charity. Both the runners have a target of £2000 each. The money collected and raised will be additional support to the charity in supporting schools and the health sectors of Nepal.

Even if it’s just £5, the cost of one drink (London price) – donate it here (of course, if you wish to – no pressure)

Just Giving – Jagannath Sapkota

Just Giving – Dinesh Akul

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