Dine With A View – Cloud Zero Revolving Restaurant!

Cloud Zero Revolving Restaurant Kathmandu 5 Cloud Zero Revolving Restaurant Kathmandu

Cloud Zero Revolving Restaurant Kathmandu 2

Cloud Zero Revolving Restaurant Kathmandu 3 Cloud Zero Revolving Restaurant Kathmandu 1

If you are after a dining experience that comes complete with a beautiful 360 view overlooking the city then Cloud Zero – Revolving Restaurant may be your go to destination. The recently launched lavish restaurant serves the finest food from across the world and offers a splendid view of Kathmandu from the 11th floor. Tables can also be booked on the garden terrace. By the time you finish your dinner you will probably have rotated 360 and seen all that there is to see of Kathmandu.

Cloud Zero – Revolving Restaurant is part of the Summit Regency Airport Hotel.

PS. Is this really the first revolving restaurant? I swear the restaurant on top of Peanuts in New Road was the first one. Hmm! Then again, that did stop revolving after a while.

Cloud Zero Revolving Restaurant Kathmandu 4

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