Gurkhas In Action – Bad Weather Continues in the UK

Image: British Army
“Gurkhas wade in to help prevent flooding in Staines, erecting a large dam in a field to redirect water from homes” – British Army (Twitter)
Image: Cpl Richard Cave

Gurkhas Flood UK

Thousands of people across the UK have been suffering due to bad weather conditions for the past few weeks and if today is another sign then it looks like there’s plenty more coming our way. From flooding to disruption on rail and bus routes, life for the ordinary is proving to be quite annoying.

Fortunately there are some great people out and about, helping to make things better and the Gurkhas are also in on the action. The Nepalese soldiers from Folkestone grabbed quite some attention via SKY NEWS for their efforts in Surrey. The soldiers who arrived on Monday have been rescuing and evacuating people from flooded homes in the area. Locals have been tweeting their gratitude for the help as well!

PS. Prince William and Prince Harry were also helping in another part of the UK!

Image: British Army
Image: Richard Watt

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