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The recent cover of Navyaata magazine had quite a number of people talking. Whilst some used the word ‘Exotic’, ‘International’, ‘Priyanka Chopra’ and ‘Hot’, few compared her features to the woman from the film Avatar. I guess that pretty much means exotic as well. The new face that had everyone talking was twenty-one year old budding model Namrata Thakur from Kathmandu.

If there was one thing that most agreed on, it was the wonderful job that Navyaata magazine did by covering a dark-skinned model. Lets face it, how many times have we seen a dark-skinned male or female lead a magazine cover? An advertisement? A film? And let’s not count those adverts that just promote age-old stereotypes. The Navyaata cover of Namrata worked because we saw a new face and hers was a face that we don’t normally see on the front of magazines. Not only that, I agree with the word “international” because the photography, styling and editing created a visual feast.

The young model shared that the NAVYAATA shoot was definitely her favourite till date. Apart from being a student of Business Studies, Thakur has aims to host events in the near future. When I quizz her about what she would like to do as a model, she responds “TGIF Nepal Fashion Week and more magazines”. With the fashion week auditions around the corner, make sure to remember Namrata… this new model is ready to rise.

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