Injured Baby Rhino Rescued from Chitwan National Park

Rescued Baby Rhino Chitwan 1 Rescued Baby Rhino Chitwan 2 Rescued Baby Rhino Chitwan 3 Rescued Baby Rhino Chitwan 4 Rescued Baby Rhino Chitwan 5 Rescued Baby Rhino Chitwan 6 Rescued Baby Rhino Chitwan 7 Rescued Baby Rhino Chitwan 8 Rescued Baby Rhino Chitwan

A baby rhino was recently rescued from Chitwan National Park by a team from the National Trust for Nature Conservation. The baby rhino is believed to have been injured after an attack from a tiger. Apparently the mother rhino was nowhere to be found… poor baby. The team from NTNC will be treating the baby until it fully recovers. The word is that depending on the improvement of the baby rhino’s health, the team will either release it back into the wild or it will be moved to the central zoo in Kathmandu. And I know all this thanks to Kshitiz Lamichhane – who was in Sauraha during the time of incident.

PS. It’s fantastic to not hear any news of rhinos being killed by poachers and to see poaching activity in the park go down! Woop!! Having said that, that doesn’t mean it’s all good… there are reports of wildlife smuggling into China from Nepal etc – turtles, exotic birds and all! Time to focus on all areas.

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