Zero Poaching in Nepal

Chitwan National Park. Photo by me, 2009.
Chitwan National Park. Photo by me, 2009.

Today, March 3 – is World Wildlife Day! And how BRILLIANT it is to be reading such news. When you hear about the devastating impact that poaching and the illegal ivory trade is having on the rhinos and elephants in various countries in the African continent – it is wonderful to read about Nepal’s year of ZERO poaching. Kudos to those involved in the conservation efforts. Lead the way Nepal – a lot more to uncover! #WorldWildlifeDay

Here’s what WWF (World Wildlife Fund) shared:

We’re pleased to announce that Nepal added a new milestone to conservation work in the last year by achieving zero poaching for the year ending in February 2014.” Read it here!

PS. While we’re on the subject of wildlife, do have a read of this article from The Huffington Post: Why We Should Care That March 3rd Is Now World Wildlife Day, makes a good read.

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