Turtles in Trouble!


After the amazing news of zero-poaching of Nepal’s big animals (rhinos, tigers and elephants) it is pretty saddening to read about the increased illegal trade in turtles. According to conservationist Mohan Bishwakarma, 40 turtles were trapped every week between 2008-2010. This illegal activity is said to be picking up hugely in the plains of Kapilvastu and Mahendranagar.

It’s not only the turtles in Nepal but turtles from India are also being smuggled into Nepal to be transported for sale in China. Member of the study team led by Bishwakarma, Prakash Aryal shared “One kilo of turtle costs Rs 150 rupees in India, while the same quantity of turtle meat is sold for Rs 15,000 in China. It is traditionally used for preparing medicine”.

If you are convicted of illegal trade in turtles then you may very well be fined NRS 10,000 or given two years in prison.

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