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I recently read the Nepal – Britain relations with special reference to Gurkhas, a PhD report turned book by Dr Ram Narayan Kandangwa. Even though my dad is a former Gurkha, my knowledge regarding how the Gurkha recruitment started was very very hazy. This book outlines the relations between Nepal and British-India long before the start of the Gurkha recruitment. It also highlights the various trips that were made by the Nepali Royals and the then leaders of the nation. Likewise, the report also goes into great detail to analyse the visits of British Royalties and figures. I found out a lot of things including how Nepali soldiers from Gorkha went to Bhutan to support the king and his army long BEFORE the Gurkhas made their presence felt in British-India company.

Towards the latter part of the book, the author goes into great detail to highlight the injustice and discrimination that the Gurkha heros faced during their days serving in Malaya, the two world wars and the recent past. From unequal pay, poor housing facilities to the jeans ban, the Gurkhas definitely seem to have faced it all.

If you need some information about the Nepal-Britain relations then this report will be a treasure of information.

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