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Sarala Thapa is a familiar face within the growing Nepali community in the UK. The young student also used to be one of the voices on BFBS Gurkha Radio’s youth show YUVA VIBES. Back in 2012, Sarala visited Nepal and also went to her gau to capture some footage for what would later become a set of youtube videos. Though it took forever, the videos are all up on YouTube now! The video has been captured by Akash Pradhan.

PS. I havent seen it yet so do let me know how it is!

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Lex Limbu
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  1. Ekdam ramro lagyo. I just wanted to see the first one, but I could not stop until I finished all of them. I even got teary eyed when I saw those kids at the school. This video made me see how fortunate we are to receive good education, basic needs and facilities we take for granted. Life does not seem so hard now. Kudos to you Sarala for doing all those hard work. It is great that you tried to be a part of the village rather than just be a tourist.
    Those loud aunties were entertaining. All the village people seemed very friendly and nice. Most importantly, those villagers did not seem strange at all, they felt like my own kinsmen. This video reminded me of my own village which I visited when I was a kid.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the content of this video. Thank you Sarala. Thanks Lex. If Lex had not shared this I would have never known about this video. I understand and appreciate Sarala’s need to know her roots. Not every nineteen year old thinks so. Great effort!!! 🙂

  2. I have seen all the videos u uploaded nad liked all of them.hope u will upload more when u will be back again. thanking u for the videos and God bless u tkcr.

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