NRNA UK Youth Council Hosts First BIG CAREERS DAY

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BIG CAREERS DAY by NRNA UK Youth Council took place earlier this month at Surrey University. I didn’t get around to blogging about the event before-hand and even now I am running a bit late with updating about the outcome of the event but here it is! Since I wasn’t there, I’ll share what I have been shared Lol! It reads very well – I hope the NRNA UK Youth Council continue to host organize such meaningful events for the Nepali youths living in the UK. Also, the youths should also request, suggest and give feedback to the NRNA UK YOUTH COUNCIL regarding the event or what could be done in the future. Communication is the best way to move forward and higher.


Parents and youths stepped away from their day off on Saturday, 5 July, to take part in NRNA UK Youth Council’s first event. “Big Careers Day” was just a concept in Surrey University Nepalese Society’s Former President, Asim Chalise’s mind, but after months of planning, NRNA UK Youth Council made it into a reality.

Miaya KC (Assistant Managing Director at YBC, Dika Thapa (Consultant at QinetiQ), Nawal Gurung (Performance Enhancement Specialist at Fulham Football Club), Pushpa Sunuwar (Public Service) and Ang Tshering Sherpa (Medical Student at Brighton University) were the featured speakers, inspiring students and parents to find a course they were passionate about and make their chosen careers more than just a job. Miaya shared her big step of breaking the norm and going to university to get a degree, and Dika encouraged the attendees to challenge themselves to a higher standard of work and to keep trying even after the 50th rejection. Furthermore, Nawal shared his knowledge about Sports Science and the key highlights of working at Fulham Football Club. Meanwhile, Pushpa explained why volunteering is important and Ang Tshering talked about how to get into a Medical School.

The presentations struck a chord with A Level students, who remarked they have much more clarity and motivation to study the course they are passionate about. On the day, attendees also had the best opportunity to speak to undergraduates and graduates from different universities and courses. Not only that, parents were also very keen on exploring on courses such as Graphics Design and Fashion on the day.

With the motivation from successful professionals and a chance to interact with key industry leaders and undergraduate and graduate students, it was a great day for both students and parents to take away information on big careers. This event was sponsored by NRNA UK, Fishtail Builders, Gurkha Palace Restaurant and Gurkha Jewellery UK. (Written by Shraddha Gurung)

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