Devaki Dhamala – My Story

“Dukha payera na attinu, Sukha payera na mattinu”

Everything was going well for Devaki and her family until one unfortunate moment that changed their lives forever. The family from Nuwakot lost all their possessions and watched as their house got swept away by a major flood. The Dhamala family made it out alive.

A rocky journey lay ahead for the family as they desperately tried to get back up on their own feet. They had to embrace a new community, new people and for Devaki, a new skill. Weaving Dhaka is slowly changing Devaki and her family’s life for the better. When asked about her present day situation, Devaki replied “yo awastha ma aunupauda kheri chahi, ekdam khushi lagirakheko cha”.

Production: Loonibha Tuladhar, Pramod Karki, D J Clark
Music: Kutumba Rain
Supported by: Australian AID

Devaki Sangharsa Video 2 Devaki Sangharsa Video

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