Shree Krishna Shrestha’s KOHINOOR Celebrates 51 Days of Screening!

Actor Shree Krishna Shrestha with actress wife Shweta Khadka
Actor Shree Krishna Shrestha with actress wife Shweta Khadka

Shree Krishna Shrestha’s film KOHINOOR starring his actress wife Shweta Khadka recently celebrated 51 days of screening! Since the passing away of the actor, the film has drawn audiences from all over and managed to become the highest grossing Nepali film till date. During the recent success party to mark the 51 Days of Screening, the makers also shared that the film has earned more than Nrs 110 million and is still screening in several cinemas across the country.

Producer Shambhu Shrestha announced that the team are in process of establishing Shree Krishna Shrestha Memorial Foundation. The team are also in talks of building a statue of the late actor.

I also dragged a few of the Tracing Nepal Team and went to watch Kohinoor at the cinemas. It follows the traditional Nepali film style of making and story.

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