The global non-resident Nepali community may have something to look forward to!! According to recent news, non-resident Nepalis are to receive special citizenship certificates which will give them equal rights in Nepal except political. The special citizenship is also expected to be awarded to ex-British Gurkhas who now reside outside of Nepal. The special citizenship will give the NRNs the right to buy or sell property, make investments in Nepal and enjoy economic benefits. They will not be able to vote or contest elections.

“We concluded that dual citizenship may invite problems in future so we opted for special citizenship,” Political Dialogue and Consensus Committee (PDCC) Chairman Baburam Bhattarai said after the meeting.

Ooooo! What do you guys think? Are you guys in favour of NRN’s receiving this special citizenship? Also – what could be the problems of dual citizenship? Do share… Looking forward to reading your comments.

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