The Brunch Club on Radio Rhino!

A new radio show titled “The Brunch Club” went live on Radio Rhino from Monday this week! Describing itself as ‘the most unapologetic online radio show’, The Brunch Club can be heard every Monday and Wednesday morning from 10AM-12PM UK Time! For the eager listeners out there, catch up with Shanti, Jamuna and Sonia tomorrow morning at 10AM on!

Speaking about THE BRUNCH CLUB, the producer and host Shanti Rai shared “It’s a unscripted, unedited and unapologetic radio show where we talk from Nepali DILFs to politics to red carpet looks mainly focusing on Nepali community. Three females going head to head with their opinions so there’s bound for an argument live on air! We are not trying to be scandalous but we say it like it is; just everyone is thinking about it but don’t say it, WE say it!”

The Crew!
The Crew!


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