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The Nepalese American Youth Association (NAYA) was formed in late 2014 with the aim to mobilize the growing number of Nepalese American youths residing in the country. NAYA’s Deusi Bhailo event in Ridgewood, New York saw the team in traditional Nepali attire and perform in Nepali songs. Apart from visiting homes of Nepalese families, the NAYA team also took the celebrations to the street and gave a glimpse of the celebrations to the public.

The team at NAYA not only believe in supporting and bringing together the growing diaspora in the USA but also focus on efforts to contribute to various communities and schools back in Nepal. A distribution event of writing and reading materials for a school in Tanahun was organized by Nourish Nepal in October 2014. The event was sponsored by NAYA. They will be conducting similar events in the near future.

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Using the power of sports to unite, the NAYA Soccer Team also took part in Sherpa Cup last year. The NAYA team look forward to their upcoming Nepalese New Year Celebration in Ridgewood on Friday 10th of April.

Well done to those involved! Hope you guys continue to bring together young people, educate/inform the young bhai’s and baini’s and also support various projects/schools/programmes back in Nepal too!

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