Suraj Subba Nalbo’s ONE WAY – Premiere Photos!

Siddharth Gurung and Mala Limbu
Siddharth Gurung and Mala Limbu. They both look good!!

Director Suraj Subba Nalbo’s ONE WAY is now in cinemas! The première for the film took place few days earlier at the Cine Dine Theatre in CTC Mall. ONE WAY stars Siddharth Gurung, Mala Limbu, Robin Tamang, Karishma Manandhar and more! The starry première also saw many personalities from the Nepali film fraternity.

Karishma Manandhar – Interesting fashion’

ONE-WAY-Nepali-Film-Premiere ONE-WAY-Nepali-Film ONE-WAY-Mala-Limbu01 ONE-WAY-Mala-Limbu

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