First Swayambhu Climbathon – The Temple Run PHOTOS!

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Up to 300 runners gathered in Swayambhu on Saturday morning for the Swayambhu Climbathon – The Temple Run! Starting in pairs 15 seconds apart, participants ran the 300m to the top of Swayambhu’s famous steps – a fantastic and historic spectacle! The organizers of the event shared that the event was held to “provide inspiration to children, youth and adults to adopt more exercise into their lifestyles”. From women runners, Mira Rai came first in 3:48 and Surendra Thapa Magar came first in mens with the time of 2:37

Get the low-down below!

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Why was it happening?

 We’re fed up of running dusty road with traffic. We love the feeling of being in a race, and want to create an opportunity for others to feel that. We want to draw attention to the great work Nyano Sansar has done this year bringing warmth to vulnerable people in the Terai through their winter initiative – now is a great time for people to donate warm winter items in preparation for next year.  
Most of all we think it will be a great, fun event.  

How did it work?

Those who participated collected Rs 500 in total from 10 people and they signed the registration form.   Participants were given a number and a start time. People started 2 at a time from the start time. The finish is at the last step. The time was recorded here and uploaded directly to the internet. Participants left the stupa by walking down the other side of the steps.  


The event is jointly organised by Nepal Share (Nyano Sansar) & Trail Running Nepal in association with Federation of Swayambhu Management and Conservation​(FSMC).


The top three men and women received prizes from Red Fox


Mira Rai: – 3:48

Deepa Rai – 4:32

Tenisha Tamang – 4:35


Surendra thapa magar 2:37

Bhim Gurung – 2:38

Damodar Buddha Magar – 2:41

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