Taj Safaris Coming to Chitwan!


We’ve heard about Sheraton Kathmandu and Marriott coming over to Nepal but what many may not be aware of is that TAJ SAFARIS will soon be in Chitwan. The well known TAJ GROUP is a chain of hotels and resorts headquartered in Mumbai. They have properties in India, UK, USA, Maldives, Malaysia, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and the Middle East.

A public update by Rahul Chaudhary of Chaudhary Group posted on the 5th of March reads “Taj Safaris (www.tajsafaris.com) Chitwan! All set to open mid 2015. Taking Nepal to the world by promoting the beauty and serenity of our beautiful country. ‪#‎CGH‬&R ‪#‎proud2bcg‬

How exciting! I saw the property from a distant and it looks interesting!

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