Rohit John Chettri Replaces Adrian Pradhan in 1974 AD


The Bistarai singer ROHIT JOHN CHETTRI is the new addition in 1974AD! Chetrri will be replacing Adrian Pradhan in vocals and guitar. The band shared the news via a subtle Facebook photo update with the caption “New line up, new beginnings”.

Well it’s sad to see Adrian Pradhan go! Nonetheless, the band is still alive so that’s good. You can hear the new revamped 1974AD on Friday at MOKSH and St. Xavier’s College, Maitighar on Saturday.

CORRECTION – Prajjwal Mukhiya in vocals and keys is also a new addition to the band.

1974 AD

Rohit John Chettri – Vocals and Guitar

Nirakar Yakthungba – Bass

Manoj Kumar KC – Guitar

Sanjay Shrestha – Drums

Prajjwal Mukhiya – Vocals and Keys

Subash – Trumpet

Pratik – Trombone

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