LEXCLUSIVE : Jharana Bajracharya Gets Married!

Jharana and Rahul
Jharana and Rahul

Nepali actress and model Jharana Bajracharya wed her boyfriend Rahul Agrawal on Thursday (March 12) during an intimate wedding ceremony at her home in Sitapaila. The couple who first met during the filming for Safe Landing have been together for the past three and a half years. Rahul who is a Malaysian Indian resides in Kuala Lumpur and heads a family restaurant business. The wedding ceremony was attended by close family and friends of Jharana and Rahul. After the official ceremony, the family and friends had a soirée at the Soaltee Hotel in Kathmandu.

The newlyweds have a lot to celebrate as Jharana also turned 34 on Friday (March 13). The couple who are currently on a honeymoon and seeing Nepal have made their way to Jomsom after staying at Hotel Barahi in Pokhara.

Jharana who has been dividing her time between Kuala Lumpur and Kathmandu for the past year has recently started Meditation Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

Congratulations to Jharana and Rahul!

Here’s a LEXCLUSIVE set of photos shared by Jharana Bajracharya, captured by Narayan Prasad Bohaju, Jeewan Suwal and Riki Karmacharya!

Jharana-Bajracharya-Wedding-2015-lexlimbu (4) Jharana-Bajracharya-Wedding-2015-lexlimbu (7)

Jharana-Bajracharya-Wedding-2015-lexlimbu (6) Jharana-Bajracharya-Wedding-2015-lexlimbu (3) Jharana-Bajracharya-Wedding-2015-lexlimbu (2)

Jharana and her mother, Lalana
Jharana and her mother, Lalana

Jharana-Bajracharya-Wedding-2015-lexlimbu (10) Jharana-Bajracharya-Wedding-2015-lexlimbu (9)

Jharana-Bajracharya-Wedding-2015-lexlimbu (8)

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  1. first of all I hardly hate her. being a celebrity she has spoiled the fame of Nepal and Nepali.

    • Oh yeah? “hardly hate” means something else. Check your english haha. and what have you done to glorify Nepal and Nepalis?

    • LOL. Raj, you’re a bitter person. Spoiled the fame of Nepal and Nepali? If you’re really worried about the fame of Nepalese, I suggest you take a moment alone in the order of your room, think for an hour and then punch yourself in the face. Rampant rape of Nepali women, abuse against women, dreadful social status of women in our society doesn’t shame you, but Jharna, for whatever she’s done for her career, shames you? Fame is not even an issue right now, its bigots like you that shame me.

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  3. Lexlimbu, you should mention real photograpers
    Jeewan Suwal and Narayan Bohaju for these pictures. Hope soon you read this comment you will correct photo courtesy. Because its against copyright.

  4. Thanks lexlimbu for giving credit for the real photographers and respecting the feelings of the team(COREPREW AUDIO-VIDEO MILL, Bhaktapur)

  5. JHARANA ..YOU Are one of the finest actress of NEPAL. Please keep continuing your stupendous work.
    God Bless.xoxo

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