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Photo taken by lexlimbu

Dear All,

Red Panda Network’s project entitled ‘Conserving Red Pandas, Nepal’ has again been short listed by European Outdoor Conservation Association public voting. They lost out on the last voting by a very thin margin of 250 votes. Voting takes less than ONE MINUTE and does not require any registration. If “Conserving Red Pandas, Nepal” wins then they will be eligible for funding to continue their work with the endangered red pandas in the hills of Nepal, community awareness and development work. We have till the 30th of March to vote.

I would like to request you to vote and kindly ask you to spread this message within your network requesting for their votes.

Thank you’


If Red Panda Network wins the voting, the expected outputs of this project will be as follows:

# 3770 ha of red panda habitat conserved and the red panda status improved

# The quality of the red panda habitat in Ilam district assessed, Red panda conservation management plan for the area produced

# 2 CFUGs trained and supported for community based forest fire management;

# A Red panda monitoring initiated in 4 CFUGs;

# Organic farming promoted in 150 HHs

# 10 nature guides and 15-20 House holds provided with tourism training;

# Eco-tourism management guideline formulated;

# Stall feeding practices promoted in 100 HHs;

# Artificial insemination done in 100 cows;

# Understanding of at least 3500 locals on the values of conserving eastern Himalayan broad leaf forest with its indicator species, red panda, enhanced.

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Photo by lexlimbu
Photo by lexlimbu


Lex Limbu
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