Finding Success at Home – Padam Bahadur

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Finding Success at Home – Padam Bahadur

A personal investment of Nrs 80,000 was all it took for Padam Bahadur Nepali to start his own shoe-business in Rukum. Having previously worked as a driver in Nepal and eventually going abroad to seek greener pastures, Nepali faced ordeals in the job abroad and ended up in the shoe-business by fluke. A horrible feet injury, allergies and an operation was what prompted the shoe-maker to return to his home country. Fortunately, the intervention of Micro-Enterprise Development Programme (MEDEP) – Entrepreneurship and skill development training and support to purchase a sewing machine was sufficient to propel him into the shoe-making business. Selling a pair of shoes for upto Nrs. 1400 each, he is now able to support his family which includes his wife, parents and two sons. When asked about the differences he has found managing his own business to working abroad, Bahadur happily shared “The amount I earn here is similar to what I earned abroad but the biggest difference is that I am my own boss here. Before, I faced unnecessary pressure from my seniors, I had to work even when I was unwell but now I get to live and spend time with my own family and I do not have to answer to anyone but my customers”. With his business celebrating its second anniversary in Falgun, Padam Bahadur is working hard to make sure he exceeds his first year earning of Nrs 2.75 Lakhs.

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