Nisha Adhikari’s New Look!

Nisha's New Look!
Nisha’s New Look!

Mission Paisa actress Nisha Adhikari debuted a hot new hairstyle today! I guess she’s not going to be complaining as much about the hot weather now. Adhikari who’s currently on a vacation in the US took many by surprise when she shared a public photo of her new shaved look. She captioned the photo “….because, why not!?!  #shorthair #lovingit #didit #baldnbold:(almost)#liberation #mylifemyway Anush Adhikari grin emoticon thnx dada for always letting me be”. A bold move but a move that works! She looks good and I guess it’s the perfect time to try it out.


To those who haven’t tried it – do it! It feels amazing! Almost a spiritual experience.

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