Talking FundProVo With Yangmali Rai

FundProVo CEO Yangmali Rai with Black and White show host Vijay Lama in Kathmandu
FundProVo CEO Yangmali Rai with Black and White show host Vijay Lama in Kathmandu

I recently caught up with YANGMALI RAI, the CEO of the recently launched FundProVo to talk about the new venture. The initiative which has been inspired by two organizations: the Clinton Global Initiative Conference (CGI U) founded by the 42nd US President, Bill Clinton, which hosts a meeting where students, university representatives, topic experts and celebrities come together to discuss and develop innovative solutions to pressing global challenges, and The Resolution Project based in New York which identifies and inspires young leaders through their Social Venture Challenges and Resolution Fellowships, aims to connect people from different sectors to facilitate positive social change.

Rai who was part of CGI U and a Resolution Fellow; is also a founder of Yang-Ward Foundation, a foundation working with single women of rural Nepal to  empower them by engaging them in revenue generating activities. Having experience from both the business world and non-profit world, he wanted to bridge the gap and connect these two different worlds by creating a platform unified. As a result FundProVo was launched.


What is FundProVo?

Fundprovo is an innovative space that aims to bring social entrepreneurs, leaders, change-makers, donors, business entrepreneurs, volunteers, experts and organizations together connecting private sector and public sectors actors, sharing resources and ideas to make positive impacts on the global community.

FundProVo is about more than just raising money, it is where we aim to create a sense of global family helping each other in whatever way it is possible to facilitate positive change.

Why FundProVo ?

-Minimal charges for using platform, almost 50% CHEAPER than other platforms.
-Platform for raising money for your project, funding and campaign.
-Platform to connect with volunteers and experts.
-Affordable rate with unlimited opportunities.


What impact does it hope to create?

Well, there are many platforms where people can raise money for their ideas, projects and campaigns. But raising funds alone is not enough. To launch a successful project requires funds, experts and volunteers as well. So FundProVo is providing a platform where projects are connected with donors, volunteers and experts ensuring the successful implementation of ideas into realities. Similarly, organizations looking for volunteers can benefit from this platform. We connect volunteers with their desired area of work and geographical location with organizations looking for volunteers. So this provides one-step solutions for everyone who is looking to make positive contribution.

Who can benefit from FundProVo Services?

Technically, FundProvo is for everyone and for everyone’s benefit. Whether you are an expert who is willing to share your skills, experience and knowledge or volunteers looking for a meaningful volunteer experience in any part of the world, FundProVo provides the tool. Similarly, for organizations looking for volunteers to help them build a school library or community garden, FundProVo provides the necessary tools to connect with interested people. Or if you come across projects or ideas you find fascinating, your donations will help those projects get one step closer to their goals. So FundProVo is for EVERYONE for creating a sense of community and teamwork bringing about positive changes.

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