“Put A Ring On It” America! #EQUALITY


With America FINALLY declaring same-sex marriage legal across the country in a historic supreme court ruling, many celebrities have been writing about their support and the big moment on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and more! Gay icons Madonna, Cher, Lady Gaga and online idols such as YouTuber Tyler Oakley have expressed their joy through their social media platform. The celebration has not only been limited to the US but LGBTI individuals and supporters across the globe!

June also parks PRIDE month so the celebration has been bigger in some parts of the world. Closer to home, thousands of Nepalese Facebook users have been changing their profile picture to the pride flag! I hope those that are changing their profile photos know the reason behind their action. I fear that for many, this may be just another trend that they’re blindly following. Let’s see what our own Nepalese have shared about America’s big celebration.

Kshitij Raj Lohani: “You don’t need to be gay or lesbian to know what a historic moment this is because it’s not the win of particular group or people, its the win of LOVE. To be with the people you care the most, its the best feeling and blessing. Not all get it. Same Sex marriage legal in US from today ‪#‎MarriageEquality‬

Anil Keshari Shah: “The choice to LOVE is mine!”

Malvika Subba: “As America legalises ‪#‎samesexmarriage‬, I cant help but be hopeful for ‪#‎Nepal‬. Maybe this is something we need to follow. Maybe ‪#‎India‬ will now take back its decision and rethink sexuality for its countrymen”

Nikun Shrestha: #LoveIsFreedom

Bharat Shrestha: “Happiest Pride Month Ever. Thank you ‪#‎America‬..We’ll follow your league and make sure ‪#‎Nepal‬ reach there in near future‪ #‎MarriageEquality‬…”

Prabal Gurung: “Today not only am I a proud New Yorker, I am a proud American. Wisdom of the Supreme Court and LGBT community that have fought for generations led us to this momentous and emotional day. I am overwhelmed with gratitude to all of them. After all it is about Human Rights xPG”

Whilst homosexuality has been legalised in Nepal back in 2007, I believe the Supreme Court of Nepal is still LOOKING into legalising same-sex marriage. We will find out the status of same-sex marriage in Nepal when the new constitution is here one day. In 2011, Nepal led the way in the equality march by recognising the Third Gender in the census. LGBTI awareness still has a long way to go in Nepal and a lot of progress to be made. With the transgender community making progress in Nepal, it has unfortunately overshadowed gays, lesbians, bisexual and intersexed individuals. Nonetheless, the talk and progress must be continued.
Nepal, we have a long way to go… equality needs to come in all levels and we need to work everywhere – from treating people of different castes and backgrounds equally, treating people with non-Nepalese partners or same-sex partners equally and respecting each others choices and differences.


Below is an excerpt from The Independent (Feb 2015)

“Nepal could become the first south Asian country to legalise same-sex marriage, following landmark recommendations from a national committee.

The government-appointed same-sex marriage committee, headed by the former secretary of the ministry of health and population, Laxmi Raj Pathak, published its report on 9 February after more than four years of research and deliberation.

In 2007 the Supreme Court ordered the government to end discrimination against same-sex relationships and to put in place measures to guarantee gay people had the same rights as straight citizens.”

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