Throwback Thursday – MUSIC

Ubran Dictionary definition:

throwback: A sudden reminder of the past. This can be brought about by hearing a song from high school, seeing an ex. etc.’

throwback thursday: When you put a picture from a “while” ago on your social media sites’

Since last week, I’ve started this #ThrowbackThursday – MUSIC section on the blog (let’s see how long I’ll keep this going for) and it is mainly just to get my past music interests shared here on the blog and hopefully some of you will also like the shares. So lets get on to it!

Unfaithful by Rihanna (American)

Rihanna has a huge catalogue of hits and is definitely heading to become a modern day pop superstar. While her music direction and style may have changed in the past few years, hits like Unfaithful still are among my favourites from Rihanna’s music.

MAYA by The Uglyz 

I feel like there was a time in the Nepali music scene when there were songs that you would just hear and it catch on. Even the non-Nepali music listeners would end up knowing the songs. MAYA is definitely a favourite by The Uglyz from their Rush album. Oh how they took over the hearts of millions across Nepal. This is a timely throwback just before their upcoming gig in London on April 23rd.

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