PS Zindagi – The New Nepali-English Sitcom!

P.S. Zindagi, short for Post Seismic Zindagi is already several episodes in and it is probably one of the freshest web-series that a lot of people are watching right now. Although it has taken me a while to get around to watching the Nepali-English sitcom, I must say that the team have done a marvelous job in promoting the show. I see it being mentioned everywhere and by everyone; from newspapers to celebrity promo videos – the team seem to be very well on it.

Having watched three episodes of P.S. Zindagi, I enjoyed the very chilled pace at which each episode moves and it is really down to the individual characters and their relationship with one another which makes the show. The sisters are a pleasure to watch and I find their relationship being very real, I feel like I definitely know a few who are just like them.

More importantly, I appreciate the fact that P.S. Zindagi has included Nepali-Muslim characters and tried best to showcase their culture and language.

Now I just need to sit back and get some time to catch up with the rest of the episodes.

Let me know what you think of P.S. Zindagi!

PS. (lol) – if you like P.S. Zindagi and would like to support the webseries then find out how you can get involved by viewing their most recent videos on YouTube.

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