VIDEO: Jared Leto Shares Why Nepal Is His Dream Destination

Suicide Squad actor JARED LETO has been spotted several times rocking a ‘Nepal, I Love You’ tee and even sharing a video of the Himalayas on his Instagram page. I recently discovered this Camp4 Collective video of the American actor talking about his dream destination and describing Nepal like he has literally been there. Unfortunately, the actor still hasn’t been to Nepal.

That totally shucks! I guess his Hollywood projects and music schedule just doesn’t give him enough time to venture to Nepal. I definitely hope that he is able to find some time in the near future and visit his dream destination… it’s only a few flights away Jared. Lol. The thrill-seeking actor will have PLENTY to do in Nepal for sure. It will be a trip well worth it.

Camp4 Collective Video – Jared Leto ‘Nepal I Love You’

Camp4 Collective Video – Jared Leto ‘Nepal I Love You’ (YouTube)

Camp4 Collective shared the video with the supporting text “The ‪#‎NepaliLoveYou‬ movement is all about love for the country and it’s people. And to know Nepal is to go there! If you’ve been to Nepal in the past, we are encouraging you to go back. If you’ve had dreams of going to Nepal for the first time, we are pushing you to make the jump! Our friend Jared Leto has the dream to visit Nepal and has sensed the wonder and love that surrounds her. If you’re like him, make the commitment to book your ticket to Nepal so that the country can continue to thrive off of visitors, soul-searchers, trekkers, artists, mountaineers and lovers.” You can find more about the campaign on the website,

The actor is a global ambassador for WWF. Maybe WWF should take him on a trip to Nepal.

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  1. Instead of all those people who were crazy about that whole thing of the script coming to Nepal ,we don’t know whether they will come or not . Lets start a movement in social media using #Cometonepaljaredleto or something like that. He even says that he wants to visit Nepal and he dreams about it.If you start this movement than I think the whole jared fans who are in nepal may also go along with it.I don’t think the nepal tourism board are gonna do something as you said it .We hope he may get to visit his dream place.
    -Sincerely Jared Leto Fan

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