Prabal’s Latest Collaboration ‘Prabal Gurung Sport x Bandier’

I guess a lot happens over a month. From Target to Toms, Prabal Gurung has been enthusiastically collaborating with many brands representing different tastes. The designer’s latest collaboration is with New York based sports store BANDIER. Prabal Gurung Sport is the designer’s first active collection. The designer spoke about his active line saying it is “inspired by the high energy and adrenaline that is the city of New York, and designed for the modern woman who takes confidence in herself and her body, Prabal Gurung Sport brings elements of everyday glamour to the active space”. The new line features model Hailey Baldwin.

Photo: Prabal Gurung
Photo: Prabal Gurung

Prabal Gurung Sport is a 12-piece collection which features a bomber jacket, leggings, sports bras, tanks and tees! The collection ranges from $105 to $395 USD. The kaleidoscope print and the colorblock designs are easy on the eyes and as Gurung says, it does indeed bring an essence of glamour to the active space.

This man definitely has a lot of surprises up his sleeves. What’s next Prabal?

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