End Of A Chapter For IMAGE CHANNEL’s Supriya Tuladhar!

The VJ who made Image Channel her own, Supriya Tuladhar today announced that it was an end of a beautiful chapter after nine years. Supriya who is currently finishing her Master’s degree in International Relations and Diplomacy at the Institute of South Asian Studies in Sichuan University made the announcement earlier today. The video jockey has made a name for herself under multiple TV shows from the widely popular Music of Your Choice, SMS and More, Glamour and Style, On The Road to Ecelebs. Of course she’s proved time and again that she’s also an outstanding Master of Ceremony having hosted many events ranging from Miss Nepal three years in a row to corporate and government events as well. She was even a voice on the radio for IMAGE FM once upon a time!

Once back in Nepal in January, Supriya’s ready to take on the role of a free-lance VJ and Master of Ceremony where she hopes to cover and do much more! Exciting times! Guess it’s a case of New Year New Me!

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