FREE Oral Cancer Screening By Maya Outreach In Pokhara

We often hear the line “our health is our wealth” and know very well of the food we must avoid and the things we ought to do to lead a balanced healthy life! Of course, getting the balance can be the difficult part. On top of all of this it’s vital that we make sure our body is doing well by keeping up with regular check-ups. This can be from a general hospital check-up, dental check-up, sexual health check-up to a cancer screening!

The UK based charity Maya Outreach in association with Nepal Cancer Relief Society Kaski will be jointly organizing a free oral cancer screening on Saturday, December 17 (Poush 2). The charity and the society invites everyone to head over to get more information about oral cancer, receive advice from experts, to get screened and receive management and treatment advise if suspected of cancer.

Experts on board for the day at the Pokhara Cancer Care Centre will be Dr Dilip Karmacharya, Dr Ujjwal Chalise and Dr Deependra Man Shrestha.

The free screening is limited to 100 participants with the first 30 to receive free further investigation if required.

maya-outreach-oral-cancer-screening-2016 maya-outreach-oral-cancer-screening-2016-1

Spread the word! Get yourself there!

PS. You can get more info on the Maya Outreach website or it’s social media pages.

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