Snow Leopard Conservation Action Plan 2017-2021 Announced For The Future Of Snow Leopards!

Some greats news right here! The Global Snow Leopard and Ecosystem Protection Programme in Kathmandu last week saw key individuals from snow-leopard range countries attend to discuss about conservation efforts, challenges and opportunities to protect the endangered snow leopards. Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal also announced the launch of the Snow Leopard Action Plan 2017-2021 for Nepal. The action plan has been created with a goal for Nepal to ensure that at least 100 snow leopards of breeding age populate each three of its landscapes by 2020.

The Prime Minister has pledged Nrs 50 million support for snow leopard conservation programmes. An article shared by WWF has detailed that the action plan will continue research and monitoring, improve habitat and corridors, mitigate conflict through community engagement, reduce wildlife crimes and strengthen trans-boundary coordination and cooperation.

The elusive snow leopards was also filmed for BBC’s Planet Earth series using cutting-edge technology like never before. The series which documents wildlife in its natural environment is narrated by Sir David Attenborough. It’s an incredible show. One that I would recommend all to watch, especially wildlife lovers.

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