Watch Veemsen Lama’s Award Winning Short Film MAYA

If you’re after a heartwarming short-film to watch today then don’t miss out director Veemsen Lama’s award winning short film MAYA! Lama’s MAYA tells the tale of Maya, Bikram and Kancha who find themselves making ends meet in a harsh Kathmandu. The three live on the streets with only hopes and dreams of happiness.

The short-film made the official selection in over a dozen film festivals around the world as well as winning several awards under various titles. The MAYA director is currently working on his short film CHYANTI. To read more about CHYANTI – click here.
– London Independent Film Festival 2016 -“Best International Short Film” – WINNER
– Bradford Widescreen Weekend 2015 “BKSTS Student Film Of The Year” – WINNER
– El Dorado International Film Festival 2016 “Best Foreign Film” – WINNER

PS. He also directed a pretty cool music video of Dhiraj Rai’s starring youtuber Dhiraj Magar and Shilpa Maskey – click here to view it!

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