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Dear Contributor,
We are writing to thank you for contributing to the Tracing Nepal 2016 fundraiser earlier this year. With your kind support, we managed to raise $1,195 USD which exceeded our target of $1,100. The third Tracing Nepal experience took place in September and lasted for two weeks. The experience brought together ten individuals from UK, USA and Germany from the ages of 18-30 as they (re)discovered Nepal and made new connections along the way.
With your support we truly were able to do much more and make this experience a memorable one not only for the children and the communities we spent time with but also for our team members.
We believe it is important to be transparent and showcase the outcome after a successful fundraiser. With the Tracing Nepal Fundraiser 2016, we would like to do this by sharing through words and few photos. We constantly find ourselves in a state of conflict regarding the use of photos during the handover process. The thin line and the power relations that are conjured when a photo is taken during a ‘donation’ is something which we’re very conscious about. Many items which have been handed over with the use of your money have not been photographed as we strongly felt that was not necessary. We are humbled to have your trust and support.
The successful fundraiser has now led to the establishment of the Tracing Nepal Scholarship at Children and Youth First (CYF), a small NGO which looks after and educates 53 students. It has been agreed that the Tracing Nepal Scholarship will remain with CYF for three years starting 2016. The scholarship was started with the idea to be involved in a long-term action which will help in the support of a students’ education. After selecting three students, CYF founder Haushala Thapa asked the students to write the essay on why they should be receiving the support and what it means to them and their dream. This was done so that the student understand the importance of the Tracing Nepal Scholarship and use it fully for their benefit. The Tracing Nepal Scholarship has been awarded to Sudip Kulung of Class 7 after his essay was marked the highest.
All of this has only been possible through your support. We hope to update you through the year via e-mails and our social media pages regarding Sudip’s progress and various Tracing Nepal initiatives. We would love to hear from you and answer any questions that you may have.
With Love,
Tracing Nepal


Tracing Nepal Scholarship Essay (Children and Youth First)

CHILDREN & YOUTH FIRST in short is also known as CYF, is a non-governmental organization established in 2008 by an idealistic, energetic group of nine like-minded youth volunteers from the urban Kathmandu periphery. CYF is also a 501(c) charitable non-profit organisation registered in the state of Nebraska USA.
They have been volunteering together for many years since their school days on social causes affecting the less fortunate in Nepal. They are a highly responsible, motivated group of action and results-oriented young people coming from varied socioeconomic backgrounds, all wishing to demonstrate the concern of Nepali youth about social and development issues.
CYF’s vision is to contribute to creating fair and just opportunities for the children and youth of marginalized and disadvantaged families and communities, and to develop their abilities and capacities to the fullest extent to enable them to lead dignified lives in society. Their main focus is GIVING CHILDREN THE ACCESS TO THE RIGHTS and helping them provide a peaceful environment for quality education.
MISSION CYF gives priority to children and youth, who represent the future of the country. Providing access to health services; quality education; recreation; personal and life-skills development; and a peaceful, protective, safe environment, free from abuse and exploitation, will aid the children in developing their potentials to the fullest. A person’s income should not be the barrier to his or her child’s education or the type of education one receives thus education is meant for all!

Team Member Prapti giving instructions during the mini-sports day in Sablakhu

Team Member Kaushila during the medal ceremony

The team spent their second leg of the journey in Sablakhu, a village in Taplejung district. During their stay, apart from experiencing rural lifestyle they spent time at the government run Singhadevi Madhyamik Vidhyalaya.#

Sports Day at Singhadevi Madhyamik Vidhyalaya, Sablakhu – Taplejung

Handing out one of the few boxes of school equipment

Courtesy of the fundraiser, we were able to hand over dozens of English books, dictionaries, encyclopaedia’s, picture books, copies, paper, badminton racquets, volleyball, football as well as buying the medals and trophy required for the mini-sports day.

Artwork at the dining area by TN Team

School In A Bag Campaign Supported by HELP

During our first leg we were able to distribute 51 school bags as part of the ‘School in a Bag’ campaign to Children and Youth First with the support of Helambu Education and Livelihood Partnership (HELP).

Tracing Nepal ’16 at Children and Youth First

In addition to the support for the Tracing Nepal Scholarship, the fundraiser also supported CYF with copies, pencils, pens, inks, shampoo, cold cream and more as requested.

Team Members Kaushila and Rasna with CYF Student

Suraj with his new bag

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