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So you may have read a previous post of mine on the blog about Jomsom Online website which sells SUKUTIs for UK and Europe. From the website I could see that the sukutis came nicely packaged and labelled. I received two packages of Buffalo Sukuti (500g and 170g) to try out recently. First things first, I asked my mum to help me out with the cooking and prep work! After a nod of approval from the best (and by choice only) cook in the house, I got down to cutting the sukutis from the 500g package.

Once the sukutis were cut into small chunks we put the sukutis in water and put it in a pressure cooker and left it on for a while. After leaving the pressure cooker to build pressure for about three times, it was time for the sukuti to come out of the pressure cooker and be cooked and mixed with the tomatoes, onions, chilli and pepper. At home we prefer to have our sukutis soft, making it easy to chew rather than the chunky finishing. After we mixed the sukuti and continued cooking in a special pan ‘karai’ for a while, it was ready to be devoured!

Sukuti at the Limbu household blends perfectly with rice and mula ko achar and that was exactly what we decided to do! Of course we’re always in stock with tongba so we also had it with tongba and it was the perfect combination. The sukutis from jomsom.co.uk received five thumbs up from the household and we’ll definitely be getting more soon.

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