East Meets West In This Cover Of DJ Snake And Justin Bieber’s LET ME LOVE YOU!

Who would’ve thought that Justin Bieber’s album PURPOSE would turn so many millions into Beliebers? The singer’s solo hits and collaborations has become global chart-toppers and gone onto receive many remixes to even a Diwali (Tihar) mix – listen here. A team of talented individuals right here from Kathmandu got together to fuse DJ SNAKE’S Let Me Love You which features Justin Bieber and the cover is pretty special! It’s a unique blend of East Meets West and completely flawless.

This cover of LET ME LOVE YOU which has been produced by 17 year old Abin Shakya features the soothing voice of Palsang Lama, with Nikesh Maharjan working his magic on the flute followed by Nhuche Munikar on the tabla. What an impressive cover!

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