Samragyee RL Shah And Salin Man Baniya’s A MERO HAJUR 2 Song Is A Visual Treat!

Okay… so basically, the title says it all! The song ‘Kasam Ho’ by Sugam Pokharel for A MERO HAJUR 2 is a visual treat. DREAMS actress Samragyee has paired up with pretty boy Salin Man Baniya in the film by Jharana Thapa and what we have here is one stunning video showcasing the mountains, lakes, hills and historic settlements. The song from A MERO HAJUR 2 which is slated for a September 1 release was filmed in different parts of the Annapurna region.

Actress Samragyee candidly mentioned of the challenges during the filming from trekking to such high passes to the filming conditions. I am totally unsurprised. Besides, she’s wearing so little as well. The Himalayan wind is not kind. I have to say though, the actor and actress both look stunning and it’s really nice to see that they’ve really focused on the actors clothes too. They’ve definitely gone hard with this video! I was a bit apprehensive about the dress with the mountains worn by Samragyee on first look but now I see it as a stunning piece of design which compliments the outdoors so well. Not sure if it can be pulled off somewhere in Kathmandu though.

Jeez. Samragyee is such a hotty and she’s serving LOOKS on every scene! Can’t wait to see A MERO HAJUR 2.

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