BUDDHA JAYANTI Event At Trafalgar Square On Sunday May 7!

The iconic TRAFALGAR SQUARE in central London will be the location of the Buddha Jayanti celebration on Sunday 7th of May. The Buddha Jayanti event in Trafalgar Square aims to celebrate the teachings of Lord Buddha, his journey, his enlightenment and his death. The event has been organised by Buddha Foundation UK with the support from Embassy of Nepal, Nepal Tourism Board UK and Kapilvasti Samaj UK. The event will begin at 6PM in the evening.

The event has been supported by many different Nepalese community groups and will see the participation of different community stakeholders. The event is expected to run from 6PM-9PM. Whilst I am not fully informed regarding the programme of events, I believe there will be a cultural show and most probably, food stalls.

Well well well! It’s certain an exciting thing! A big scale event by Nepalese people in the heart of London. Feel free to check it out if you’re in central.

PS. Trafalgar Square was the location of a candle light vigil for Nepal after the devastating Nepal earthquake 2015 in April 25.

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