Sushil Shrestha And Barsha Siwakoti’s KARKHANA Trailer Is Here!

With the Maya Le Boleko song from Karkhana already a huge hit it was only a matter time before the trailer was released! The upcoming film which teased the audiences back in November has finally released the theatrical trailer today. The new trailer has few seconds of Sushil Shrestha showing off his gorgeous body and fighting for his love. Whilst the film team remain tight-lipped about why the film is called Karkhana, we do know that the story revolves around Barsha Siwakoti. The trailer looks interesting… maybe the actress is owned by someone? By the looks of it, that is what I’m getting.

Well! We’ll have to wait till the end of June to see more of Karkhana! On that note, here’s Maya Le Boleko!

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