How Buddha Jayanti Was Celebrated At The Trafalgar Square

With the support of over 40 different Nepalese community groups, the grand Buddha Jayanti event was held at Trafalgar Square in London on Sunday evening. Aside from the candle light vigil, the event featured performances reflecting Nepali culture. The photos shared here on the blogpost have been captured by Pradeep Kumar Singh (view the full album here).

I guess that’s a TICK OFF the list for “Nepali event at Trafalgar Square”. What’s next?

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  1. Nepalese programme at UK is always unsuccessful because of divide Nepalese community at abroad . It is so shameful moment for Nepalese living at abroad specially at UK . Organizer want to earn name and fame for organizing such kind of celebrations which doesn’t exist in real world . The real birth day of Lord Gautam Buddha suppos to be 10th may Wednesday . Its completely wrong day and time which had been celebrate four days before Buddha was born . There is always very less people from Nepalese community were attended during such a big event . Nepalese people from UK society really don’t have much interest to participate such a national cultural celebrations due to divided society at UK. And unsuccessful organizing events. Trafalgar squares it self a centre of the city where we can easily found thousand of prople for a tiny music band performance . Its so shameful during Lord Gautam Buddha birthday celebration Nepalese community even couldn’t gather hundred people attentions. But media are announced wrong story at facebook and other news .

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