Tyler Courville’s Dream Trip To Nepal With Mira Rai

Salomon Running asked “What is your #RunningDreamTrip?”. Half-way across the globe, Tyler Courville from America shared that his Dream Trip would be to travel to Nepal with Mira Rai. The story of Mira Rai, a village girl turned child soldier to being a professional trail runner had captivated Courville and his was the answer that got turned into a reality. This video captures the eye-opening journey of Tyler as he experiences Nepal from the chaos that is Kathmandu to the hills and villages, something Tyler did not see from the comforts of his home in America. I love the part when Mira shows Tyler that she has been featured on a magazine in America and then quickly gets back to cutting the grass.

The video beautifully captures the rolling hills and the greenery that one can see in Nepal. Too often it is only the Himalayas and the snow-capped peaks that dominate the imagery of Nepal on a global scale and missed are our villages, people and the jungles of the Southern plains. Thankfully, this video and the journey of Tyler and Mira puts the focus on the human element here as well as the community.

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