Namrata Shrestha’s PARVA Premiere In Pictures

PHOTO: Mahesh Pradhan

Actress Namrata Shrestha is back on the big screen this weekend with her latest suspense thriller flick PARVA! The premiere of the Dinesh Raut film took place at Big Movies on Wednesday evening where the who’s who of Nepali cinema was in attendance. From actors, technicians, writers to journalists, it was definitely a busy premiere for PARVA. Namrata sported a sleek look with her hair tied in a bun as she wore a silver dress. The hair and make-up for the leading lady was done by Sakil Kunwar. Her co-star and the Kale Dai girl Mala Limbu opted for a black and white dress by Manish Rai. Also in PARVA, actress Jebicca Karki was seen in a long Royal blue dress. Getting the fashion totally right was the actor Koshish Chettri who looked suave in black.

PHOTO: OnlineKhabar

PHOTO: OnlineKhabar

PHOTO: OnlineKhabar

The premiere saw Keki Adhikari, Malvika Subba, Basundhara Bhusal, Bhuwan Chand, Reema Bishwokarma, Pooja Sharma and many more in attendance. Well! The trailer for PARVA definitely caught my attention. I can’t wait to hear the audience feedback.

Photo Courtesy: Online Khabar and Mahesh Pradhan

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