Kathmandu City Turns Waste Into Electricity!

With electricity being a big need for the country, Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has finally done wonders by generating biofuel from waste! The wait for the new green energy has certainly been long but the positive news of 14 kW generated from the city’s waste brings hope that the waste problem of the capital may finally be resolved. KMC’s Bidya Sundar Shakya hinted to this new move being the solution of managing waste in the city. Whilst I certainly believe that a proper waste management plan and an agreement with the landfill site ought to be highlighted (one that benefits both parties), this new move of turning the city’s waste into biofuel is certainly a good green option!

With the capital city consistently grabbing global headlines for its air pollution and degrading environment, this initial step must be applauded and encouraged so we can see more action ahead. This green fuel project is part of ‘Integrated Sustainable Solid Waste Management Project’ which has a total investment of Nrs 18.2 million from the European Union and KMC itself.

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