Sipora Gurung And Ramesh Budhathoki In BHUIMANCHHE

Volleyball player turned actress Sipora Gurung will be seen alongside Ramesh Budhathoki in the film Bhuimanchhe. The trailer hints the film to revolve around Budhathoki’s medical profession with a dark twist! Bhuimanchhe is the third film for Sipora after Ghalek : The Sign of Love and Yamphawati The Princess. Gurung is still awaiting the release of Yamphawati The Princess. It looks like Bhuimanchhe may be released before Yamphawati The Princess as the medical drama is set to hit the big screens on Bhadra 2 (18th August).

If Bhuimanchhe is released before Yamphawati The Princess then it will definitely be a first for many people to see Sipora’s acting. Whilst Ghalek : The Sign of Love was received well, the film was largely only screened in Pokhara.

Well! I can’t wait to see what she delivers on screen. I’d like to see her in a refreshing romantic comedy! Or something that’s centred around the city, being a young professional and travelling – basically – a film based on her Instagram feed would be pretty cool! Like have you guys followed her? Posts worth writing #goals.

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