Malvika Subba Confirmed As Official Miss UK Nepal 2017 Choreographer

The Wonder Woman Malvika Subba will be the official choreographer for MISS UK NEPAL 2017. After a huge success from Miss UK Nepal 2016 where Priyanka Karki played an instrumental role as a choreographer for the contestants, Ideas and Events Production went ahead with the decision to bring Nepal’s most known Miss Nepal to the UK for UK’s biggest Nepalese beauty pageant. The pageant which has seen winners from Gaumaya Gurung, Durga Gurung, Nia Dewan to Tenisa Rana will be crowning another hopeful on the 10th of September.

Ten contestants will be vying for the title of Miss UK Nepal 2017. The lucky contestants will also receive two weeks training from Malvika Subba! NOW that is an amazing opportunity. I would love to learn public speaking from the woman herself. The grand finale will take place at The Empire in Aldershot.

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